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Retail Activation

Retail Activation

From $5.90 – $9.90 per month – recurring billing. Depending on the device you are activating.

Prices subject to change without notice.

Note that monthly billing commences from the date of activation.

The SIM card is locked to the Ness device in which it is supplied. Removal of the SIM card and any attempt to install it into another device will lock out the SIM card and make it inactive. In this case a service fee may be charged to reactivate your SIM Card.

To cancel a SIM service, please follow these steps.

By submitting this form you agree to the following conditions and understand that your SIM Plan will be billed monthly to your Credit Card via PayPal.

Ness SIM accounts are intended for use with selected Ness products for security and medical monitoring purposes only.

Fair Use restrictions may be applied in the event of excessive or abnormal usage patterns such as that caused by a fault condition, a runaway device or a ‘hijacked’ device. Ness will alert the customer to abnormal use or activity by email or by phone using the contact details provided at the time of activation. If the fault condition persists and/or the customer cannot be contacted Ness reserves the right to suspend the SIM service to prevent network congestion or flooding of the recipient’s phone with excessive calls or SMS messages. A suspended service will be re-activated as soon as possible once Ness determines that the network or customer equipment fault/s have been rectified.

Before we activate your sim card, you will require to fill in a form and send it back to us.

Please download and fill in the following form and then send it to simactivation@ness.com.au so we can process the retail activation.

We will then email you once the sim card is activated and ready to be used. If you don’t get a reply within 24 hours please contact simactivation@ness.com.au.

Sorry, the Paypal payment option is currently down for maintenance. Please try again after 9am Thursday 15th April. Or use this pdf form to activate today.