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Telstra 3G Shutdown

Telstra 3G Shutdown

There are 43 days until the Telstra 3G Shutdown.

As part of Telstra’s strategy to modernise Telstra’s Network to make way for superior Customer Experience, Telstra is shutting down the 3G Network.

Back in October 2019 Telstra announced Telstra’s 3G Network will close in June 2024. This has now changed to August 2024. Telstra are expanding the 4G network to a similar size to the 3G network so customers and the communities they live in are not disadvantaged.

Telstra has advised no 3G coverage will be removed prior to the closure of the 3G network in August 2024.

Telstra will not be providing extensions to any 3G services and any remaining services will stop working upon the 3G Network closure on 31st of August 2024.

One of the common questions we are asked is why Telstra is turning off the 3G network? The 3G standard was introduced in Australia in 2003 and there have been many advances in cellular technologies since then. In all, by 2024, 3G will have been in existence for 21 years. There have been tremendous advances and improvements in speed, latency and power consumption with the introduction of 4G and other mobile networks over this period. 4G is in every way superior to 3G and will have equivalent coverage to 3G prior to the closure date. The 3G closure is important as it frees up low-band 850MHz spectrum for use in expanding and extending the reach of new networks.

Will my alarm system still work when Telstra shut down the 3G Network?

Your 3G Ness alarm system will still work locally such as sound sirens when it goes into alarm, however it won’t be able to make/receive calls or send/receive SMS messages when the 3G network is shut down. This means if your alarm panel is a 3G device then it will stop reporting using the mobile network until you upgrade the panel to a 4G device.

What do I need to do before the shut down in August 2024 ?

Now is the time to upgrade your 3G device to a 4G device.

All Ness products sold today are 4G compatible, and will work past the 3G shutdown on 31 August 2024.

Simply get your installer to upgrade the panel or dialler to our 4G version and you will be good to go.

Can I use the existing sim card in the new 4G panel ?

When the system is upgraded to 4G, the new device will come with a new sim card. It is recommended to activate the new sim card that comes with the 4G device, and then submit an online cancellation request to deactivate the old sim card.

Although the Ness product is unlocked to use any sim card, the actual sim card is locked to the hardware its supplied in, and shouldn’t be moved to another product to avoid the automated software from deactivating the sim card in the future.

Can Ness send me a 4G sim card so it can connect to the 4G network ?

The sim card supplied will connect to both 3G/4G Telstra mobile networks already. The sim card supplied should only be used in the product it was supplied in and not moved between products.

Changing the sim card in the current 3G product won’t make it connect to the 4G network. The 3G hardware will only have a 3G modem/chip on the board so it can only connect to the 3G network only, therefore changing the sim card will have no effect and the hardware needs be upgraded.

Should I wait until the shutdown before I upgrade ?

It is highly recommended to upgrade now. With many shortages worldwide, and installation companies will begin to get busy you don’t want to miss out having a fully functional alarm system that can report back to base or do self monitoring.

Who do I need to contact to upgrade my system?

You will need to contact your alarm installer who will be able to provide prices and will be able to let you know what needs to be upgraded.

If you don’t have an alarm installer to contact then please contact our Ness technical support team (techsupport@ness.com.au / 1300 551 991 – Monday to Friday 8:30AM-5:00PM AEST) and provided your postcode or suburb and they will be able to provide contact details of an installer in your area.

How much will it cost to upgrade my 3G product to a 4G product ?

If you are the end user then please contact your alarm installer and they will be able to provide prices.

If you are the installer, then please contact your local Ness sales rep and they will be able to assist you.

How do I know if my product is 3G or 4G ?

Please contact the Ness sim card department (simactivation@ness.com.au) with your Ness SIM card mobile number, and we will let you know if it needs to be upgraded.

Can I just swap the sim card to make the product 4G?

No, the actual hardware on site only has a 3G modem on the board, and it can only connect to the 3G network. You need the actual product replaced to a 4G compatible device.

What are the steps of upgrading my Ness 3G product to 4G ?

1. Contact your alarm installer so they can help you with the 4G upgrade. You need the actual hardware (not just the sim card) upgraded to 4G.
2. Once the new system is installed, deactivate the old sim card here: https://activate.ness.com.au/cancellations
3. Activate the new sim card online once new Ness product is installed here: https://activate.ness.com.au