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Terms & Agreement

Ness SIM accounts are intended for use with selected Ness products for SELF-monitored security, central monitored systems and medical monitoring purposes only.

Fair Use restrictions may be applied in the event of excessive or abnormal usage patterns such as that caused by a fault condition, a runaway device or a ‘hijacked’ device. Ness will alert the customer to abnormal use or activity by email or by SMS using the contact details provided at the time of activation.

If the fault condition persists and/or the customer cannot be contacted Ness reserves the right to suspend the SIM service to prevent network congestion or flooding of the recipient’s phone with excessive calls or SMS messages. A suspended service will be re-activated as soon as possible once Ness determines that the network or customer equipment fault/s have been rectified.

Ness does not recommended the Ness 3G/4G dialler for use in lift cars or other non-stationary situations.

The SIM card must not be removed from the device in which it is supplied. Removal of the SIM card and any attempt to install it into another device will lock out the SIM card and make it inactive. In this case, a service fee may be charged to reactivate your SIM Card.

Sim card

Ness SIM plans have no lock-in contracts so you can opt out anytime.

If the sim card is no longer required to be in service, the customer must fill out the online cancellation request to deactivate the sim card so the correct process can be carried out to deactivate the sim card and billing method. This needs to be done from our sim cancellations page: https://activate.ness.com.au/cancellations


Ness Mobile sim plans use the Telstra Mobile network.

Network coverage can be found here: https://www.telstra.com.au/coverage-networks/our-coverage


Ness will notify customers of any missed payments (payments that fail to process) by email and SMS (if applicable). We will give the customer 10 business days to update there billing details before we will attempt to process the payment. If the payment fails to process on the second attempt then we may cancel the payment agreement and deactivate the sim card. Ness will notify the customer if the payment is cancelled and if the sim card gets deactivated due to the failed payment.


Monthly retail billing for PayPal commences from 1 day after the date of activation.

You will need a working PayPal account with sufficient funds and facility for recurring monthly payments.

It is the customers responsibility to update new/existing credit cards or bank accounts in the PayPal subscriptions section in PayPal before the payment is due.

By paying by PayPal you agree to:

a. You have read and agree to the PayPal Agreements.
b. The information you have provided is true and correct.
c. You understand that you are agreeing to a contract with ongoing payments.

Direct Debit

Direct debit payments are processed on the 30th of each month, unless it falls on a public holiday or weekend then it will be processed on the next business day. The direct debit payment in February will be processed the first business day in March.

By paying by direct debit you agree to:

a. You have read and agree to the Direct Debit Terms & Conditions.
b. The information you have provided is true and correct.
c. You understand that you are agreeing to a contract with ongoing payments.

You authorise Payrix Australia Pty Ltd ABN 63 135 196 397, User ID 382220, to debit my/our account at the Financial Institution identified above through the Bulk Electronic Clearing System (BECS) in accordance to the Payment Arrangements stated above and this Direct Debit request and as per the DDR Service Agreement provided.

Trade Account

Monthly trade billing is processed on the last business day of each month to the Ness trade account that activated the sim card.

Trade accounts need to be a Ness Trade 30 Day account and not a COD (Cash on Delivery) accounts. If an account is COD account then it will need to be upgraded to a 30 Day account. If you hold a Ness Cash Account, please contact your local branch to enquire about upgrading to a 30 Day Account.